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Guangzhou International Biotech Island | Updated:2016-12-23


Guangzhou International Biotech Island as seen across the water [Photo provided to]

Guangzhou International Biotech Island (GIB) is an oval-shaped island located in southeastern Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Since its completion in 2013, the island has become a nexus of advanced bio-science research for reputable national and international companies.

GIB is listed as a National Strategic Development Project and is also a key project on the municipal level. Having been created as a National Key Innovation Platform, the island is an important research and industrialization base.

The island is focused on high-end industrial sectors and aims to create an advanced innovative environment for its diverse portfolio of companies.

The range of research areas undertaken on the island includes; new medicine, stem-cell and tissue engineering, bio-agriculture, gene engineering, and protein engineering.

Aside from offering world-class research facilities, GIB is also comprised of an enterprise incubator, a development and innovation zone, an industrial services zone, a management zone, and green spaces complete with recreational facilities.

The area has attached great importance to aiding the bio-industry and consistently attracts leading entrepreneurs and elite-level talent. 


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