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Guangzhou Supercomputing Center



Guangzhou Supercomputing Center. [Photo/]

The National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou (NSCC-GZ) is a key strategic infrastructure of science and technology with a total investment of over 2.5 million yuan. It is jointly founded by jointly sponsored by the provincial government of Guangdong, the city government of Guangzhou, the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) and Sun Yat-Sen University.

NSCC-GZ is emerging as a world-class supercomputing center that integrates the functions of high performance computing, massive data processing and information management and services, providing a power engine to boost the economic and social development of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province and beyond.

NSCC-GZ has now developed the Tianhe-2 Supercomputing System, which delivers over a hundred petaflops at peak performance. In 2014, TianheⅡ was the world's fastest supercomputer for the third consecutive time. Meanwhile, it serves as a supporting platform for the development of innovative and smart cities by providing big data storage and processing services. Striving to become a world class supercomputing center, NSCC-GZ is intent on offering the best application services to the globe.

Located in the beautiful East Campus of Sun Yat-Sen University, NSCC-GZ takes up a total area of 42,332 square meters. The building's architecture, with round and square shapes, is a metaphor of the numbers 0 and 1 used in computer language. The construction area of the building totals 42,332 square meters, including nearly 17,500 square meters for machinery and other affiliated structures.

Address: Super-computing Center, No.132 Outer Ring Road, University City     


Tianh Supercomputing System. [Photo/]


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