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Five-Ram Statue | Updated:2016-12-23


Five-Ram Statue. [Photo provided to]

Guangzhou, known as "the City of Rams", can trace its origins back to a historic legend.

Back in the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century - 771 BC), five immortal beings descended into Chuting (the ancient name of Guangzhou), each riding a ram that held six strings of corn millet spray in its mouth. The immortals gave the millet sprays to the local people and expressed their wishes that there would not be a shortage of food. During the departure of the five immortals, the five rams turned into stone. Hence, Guangzhou is nicknamed "the City of Rams".

At eleven meters in height, the Five-Ram Statue now stands on top of the city’s Yuexiu Mountain; Guangzhou's landmark that is known both at home and abroad.

Location: Yuexiu Park, Jiefang Beilu

Transportation: Metro Line 2 to Yuexiu Park Station

Ticket Price: Free

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