Tianhe forum promotes IP protection

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: September 21, 2023

A forum to promote the high-quality development of intellectual property, or IP, took place in the Tianhe district of South China's Guangzhou city on Sept 14. 

Hosted by the Tianhe IP bureau, the forum aimed to develop a platform for IP transfers and transformations, school-university cooperation, IP rights protection and consultations and think tank exchanges - and for the event itself to become a brand activity for IP.


A forum to promote IP's high-quality development takes place in Tianhe district. [Photo/Southern Metropolis Daily]

Guan Yonghong, a professor at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, elaborated on the importance of IP protection through typical cases at the forum. "Only by providing innovators with adequate IP protection and reasonable returns can more technological innovations be stimulated," he added.

Later, Liao Wenlang, an expert from the Patent Examination Cooperation Guangdong Center at the China National IP Administration, gave a presentation on the new regulations for patent examinations.

"The recent adjustment of the patent examination system has accelerated examination efficiency," Liao said.

"Enterprises should actively use the green channel for patent examinations, to obtain patents in a timely manner and to help their technological innovation," Liao added.

A round table discussion was also held during the event. Participants said businesses should obtain core patents through continuous research and development - as well as cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions - to build up a strong IP portfolio.

Speakers said enterprises should also pay attention to the application, management and protection of IP to maximize their value.