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Asian youth leaders plant friendship forest in Guangzhou | Updated:2023-03-29

With the conclusion of the Asia Youth Leaders Forum on March 26, a group of talented young people from various countries across Asia gathered at Nansha Wetland Park in Guangzhou to plant trees for the Asia Youth Friendship Forest on March 27.

Despite the heavy rain that started at around 10 am, the enthusiasm of this international group was not dampened. After the launching ceremony, they picked up their shovels and planted indigenous trees such as Ficus and Phoenix trees, representing their hope for the integration and development of Asian countries.

Liu Haijiang, secretary-general of the Asia Youth Leaders Forum (AYLF) and the president of the Asia Youth Leaders Federation, introduced that a total of 24 trees were planted during the activity. Liu noted that Ficus trees symbolize their hope that Asian countries will develop together, while the Phoenix trees represent the belief that good fortune will come. Liu hoped that Nansha's fertile soil will attract more Asian friends to invest and develop together.

Liu also expressed that the purpose of the Asia Youth Leaders Forum is to build a platform for young people from various countries in Asia to deepen their friendships, mutual understanding, communication, and cooperation. The trees represent green, peace, and development. The friendship forest planted by these young people also symbolizes the achievements and vision of the forum.

Asia youth plant a tree..jpg

Asian youth plant a tree. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

The Asia youth Friendship Forest tree planting activity..jpg

The Asia Youth Friendship Forest tree planting activity. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]  

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