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Asia Youth Leaders Forum fosters cooperation, development in Guangzhou | Updated:2023-03-28

On March 26, the Asia Youth Leaders Forum came to a successful close in Nansha district, Guangzhou, after providing a platform for Asian youth to foster trust and collaboration by promoting cooperation and development between the different countries and regions.

Throughout the forum, young attendees from various Asian countries engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as high-quality development, healthcare, global trends, financial investments, and cooperation and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. They also participated in China-UAE youth leader dialogues. 

During the closing ceremony, several youth representatives delivered speeches, and the establishment of the Children of Asia Special Fund by the China Foundation for Peace and Development was announced.

"Young people represent the future of Asia, and the talented youth of Asia should serve as the pillars and beams that support its future. They should be based in Asia, embrace the world, and always view Asia and the world through the lens of peaceful development," said Xu Jianguo, secretary-general of the China Foundation for Peace and Development. 

He emphasized that young Asian talents should work towards maintaining peace in Asia, and contribute to its development by increasing employment opportunities, reducing wealth disparities, and sharing wisdom to improve the well-being of people across nations.

Xu also noted that, with diverse historical traditions, cultural backgrounds, and social systems, Asian youth should uphold the spirit of openness and inclusivity. They should act as ambassadors of civilization, and deepen exchanges to learn from each other while respecting each other's social and cultural development paths. At the same time, Asian youth should seize opportunities, strengthen win-win cooperation, actively participate in and expand openness with other Asian countries, and inject new momentum into Asia's economic growth.

The young leaders were also encouraged to be at the forefront of trends, inspiring innovative vitality, and becoming a driving force for innovation in various fields.

The Asia Youth Leaders Forum's closing ceremony..jpg

The closing ceremony for the Asia Youth Leaders Forum.

Inauguration of Children of Asia Special Fund of China Foundation for Peace and Development..jpg

The inauguration of the Children of Asia Special Fund, by the China Foundation for Peace and Development.

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