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Guangdong continues to aid in Turkiye relief efforts | Updated:2023-02-13


On February 8, the Turkish Embassy in Beijing issued an announcement on earthquake relief and setting up sites in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong SAR that can receive supplies.

Kurtuluş Aykan, Consul General of Türkiye in Guangzhou, together with the staff members in the Consulate, were packaging supplies for the second batch of supplies in a logistics park in Guangzhou's Huadu District on February 9.

At 9:17 and 18:24 on February 6, Beijing Time, two 7.8-magnitude earthquakes hit Türkiye. As of 9 a.m. on February 9, 72 hours after the first strong earthquake, more than 15,000 people in Türkiye and Syria have died.

"Since the earthquake, I've been barely sleeping, because I'm already at the forefront of (disaster relief with my fellow) Turkish citizens," Kurtuluş Aykan said.

According to him, there are many letters and mails coming to his office every day, applying for providing relief and rescue. Guangdong has recently sent the Blue Sky Rescue team to help Turkish people.


Turkish citizens in South China managed to collect supplies in the local factories, among which are sleeping bags, clothes, blankets, heating pads, shoes, and over 500 electric generators.

"The people that have been rescued under the ruins, they have to be accommodated in a heated shelter, which means electric generators are in great demand," said Aykan.

In his eyes, the Guangdong authorities are always helpful. "I can reach them anytime. They are so thoughtful that everything goes very smoothly for our cargo and documents."

Guangzhou Hayonex Logistics co,. Ltd. is engaged in supplies donation. Zeng Jichang, Director of Airport Business Department of this company, recalled that his company got the notification to provide help on the night of February 7.

The first batch of relief supplies have been received on February 8, which have been transferred by Turkish Airlines via Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at 5 a.m. this morning.

"When disaster strikes, help comes from all sides," Zeng Jichang said, adding "Guangdong always reaches out to those in need."

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