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Guideline clarifies rules for homebound COVID-19 patients

By LI LEI | | Updated:2022-12-12



Authorities on Thursday issued a guideline to help COVID-19 patients who exhibit mild symptoms such as fever and cough recover at home.

The guideline's release came a day after the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism made centralized treatment of positive cases voluntary.

COVID-19 patients with serious heart, liver, lung and brain illnesses that necessitate hospitalization may not recover at home, according to the new rules.

If conditions allow, homebound patients are advised to stay in separate rooms and use their own bathrooms, and they should be supplied with a thermometer, tissues, surgical masks, single-use gloves, sanitizers and a trash can with a lid, the guideline said.

Neighborhood authorities and grassroots clinics will get in touch with isolated residents. They must keep track of vulnerable groups, such as seniors who live alone, pregnant women or people who need blood dialysis, and give advice on the use of medications and test kits, the guideline said.

Patients need to take their body temperatures in the morning and at night daily and avoid using antibacterial drugs.

They should not venture out of their homes unnecessarily. However, those suffering breathing difficulties, persistent fever or other serious health problems can call for an ambulance or drive to hospitals. If there is a need to go out, they should avoid using public transportation.

Neighborhood authorities are obligated to help those with worsening conditions be hospitalized.

Hospitals must admit these patients and cannot use any excuse to refuse them, it added.

The quarantine period ends for homebound patients after they first test negative using a test kit, and then test negative on nucleic acid tests for two consecutive days.

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