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Nansha launches international community mini program, platform


On the morning of September 29, the launching ceremony of Suiyue Mini Program and the Home of Foreign Nationals Service Platform of Nansha International Community was held in Jiaomenhe Community, Nansha Subdistrict, Nansha District of Guangzhou. Representatives from Nansha Foreign Affairs Office, Nansha Civil Affairs Bureau, Nansha Subdistrict Office, and Jiaomenhe Community attended the ceremony. Residents from Russia, Poland, the UAE, and the Hong Kong SAR were also invited to learn about the use of Suiyue Mini Program at the ceremony.

Since Nansha initiated the building of International Community in May this year, great progress has been made in the improvement of supporting facilities, mechanisms and services of the community. The establishment of Suiyue Mini Program and the Home of Foreign Nationals Service Platform, as one of the priorities, aims to shore up the capability of community service and enhance the interaction between local and foreign residents. Upgraded from the previous one, the new Suiyue platform has four innovations.

First, reorganizing service items and mechanisms. Reorganized, classified and ever-improving community service items, as well as unified back-stage management, make targeted and timely services available to residents. 

Second, providing access to more functions and service items. The Home of Foreign Nationals module, with concise and easy-operating interface, is added specially for foreign residents. From this, they can get information and policies related to their work and life, as well as the latest updates of the community and the district. 

Third, facilitating the interaction between the community and residents. Residents can report problems they encounter in the community through the platform at any time, so as to promote public collaboration and participation for the benefits of residents. 

Fourth, improving service quality and efficiency. Chinese and English hotlines are launched for timely response to residents'needs.

In the future, Nansha International Community, grit by grit, will improve the functions of Suiyue Mini Program, take measures to engage local and foreign residents in social governance, in a bid to realize co-construction, co-governance, shared benefits, and multicultural integration, and to modernize Nansha's system and capacity for governance.


English service for the online platform. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]


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