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Guangzhou music comes to Bristol | Updated:2022-09-28

Guangzhou's international sister city of Bristol, a city in southwest England, recently released a video of a music festival. The beginning of the video features the song "Little River Running Water" sung by the "Star Wheel" Chorus Troupe in Tianhe district, Guangzhou.

The song from Guangzhou helped to soothe the souls of audience members with its relaxing melody.

In June this year, Bristol hosted its first music festival in a month. The festival has no specific theme, but celebrates the contribution of music and sound to health and social harmony through a variety of activities. At the same time, the festival helped comfort people through cultural exchanges and beautiful songs from Bristol and its sister cities.

Bristol invited sister cities from all over the world to participate via video and record videos of local songs sung by community or professional choirs. Guangzhou selected "Little River Running Water" by the "Star Wheel" Chorus Troupe in Tianhe district.

During the festival, the chorus video from Guangzhou was played in a loop on the big screen in downtown Bristol, showcasing the culture of Guangzhou.

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