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Over 30k HK, Macao enterprises settled in Guangzhou | Updated:2022-06-22

The Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macao-funded enterprises' investment and business environment exchange conference and investment policy publicity activities were held in Nansha on June 17.


The conference is held in Nansha on June 17. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]

It was revealed at the conference that exchanges between Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macao have continued to deepen in recent years, with Guangzhou being home to 29,151 Hong Kong-invested companies and 819 Macao-invested companies.

In the future, Guangzhou will cooperate with Hong Kong and Macao to build a city cluster of consumption with global influence. It will also introduce foreign investment policies covering a variety of aspects, such as business, finance, customs, taxation, and finance, to support the high-quality development of investment in these three places.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. As an important source of investment, Guangzhou's use of Hong Kong capital has increased from $1.57 billion in 1997 to $7.258 billion in 2021, an increase of 3.6 times, with an average annual growth of 6.6 percent.

Meng Lihong, president of the Guangzhou Foreign Investment Enterprises Chamber of Commerce, has invested in Guangzhou from Hong Kong since the 1980s, becoming a participant, witness, and beneficiary of Guangzhou's urban development.

She praised Guangzhou for helping enterprises solve practical problems and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, which gives Hong Kong and Macao enterprises strong confidence in their long-term development.

Wu Bingxiang, deputy director of the Guangzhou municipal commerce bureau, said that Hong Kong and Macao-funded enterprises have participated deeply in Guangzhou's economic and social development, adding that Guangzhou will continue to optimize its business environment in the future.


Innovation Bay in Nansha. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]


The Nansha Area of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]

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