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Hong Kong and Macao TCM to start sales in mainland

By ZHENG CAIXIONG | | Updated:2022-01-04

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Su Shengfeng awards the certificate of registration to a TCM company representative from Hong Kong. [Photo by Zheng Caixiong/]

Three traditional Chinese patent medicines for external use from Hong Kong and Macao were granted the certificate of registration to start their mainland sales in Guangzhou on Friday, marking the country's policies of benefiting the TCM companies from the two special administrative regions.

Su Shengfeng, a senior official with Guangdong Medical Products Administration, said it was the first batch of certificates of registration issued to Chinese patent medicines from Hong Kong and Macao.

Su awarded the certificates to the representatives of the three TCM companies, namely, two from Hong Kong and one from Macao, in his bureau at the eve of the New Year.

"After being granted with certificates, Macao's Cheong Kun Pain Reliever Oil, and Hoo Hin Strain Relief Oil and Zihua Embrocation produced in Hong Kong can officially start their sales in the mainland market," said Su.

According to Su, a total of 12 traditional Chinese patent medicines nine Hong Kong and Macao companies produce have now applied for the mainland's certificates of registration.

"The rest TCM products will also be granted with the certificates to start sales in the mainland after completing the approval process in the first half of the 2022," he said.

Su promised to further simplify the procedures for Hong Kong and Macao TCM products to enter into the mainland market in the months to come.

Cheong Kin Nang, director of Cheong Kun Pain Reliever Oil, said construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has given great development opportunities to enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao.

With the assistance and guidance from Guangdong Medical Products Administration, the high-quality traditional Chinese patent medicines that have been on sales in Hong Kong and Macao for many years have been quickly approved for sales in the mainland.

And that is an affirmation for Hong Kong and Macao enterprises to adhere to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese patent medicines, encouraging Hong Kong and Macao TCM companies to have more confidence in developing the TCM industry in the future, he said.

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