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Photo exhibit on makeup styles now at Cantonese Opera Art Museum till Sept 30

By Li Wenfang and Zheng Erqi in Guangzhou | | Updated:2021-09-09


Resident views photographs of facial makeup used in Cantonese opera. The exhibit is currently on view at the Cantonese Opera Art Museum until September 30, 2021. [Photo By Zheng Erqi/]

An exhibition of photographs on various styles of facial makeup in Cantonese opera is being staged at the Cantonese Opera Art Museum in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

The 75 photos were taken by Ye Jianbo, with Cantonese opera actor Zhang Fuwei posing with various makeup styles on his face. Stage performers with the faces of jing and chou in Cantonese opera, which refer to painted face roles and clown roles, respectively, use makeup to enhance their looks and expressions. The exhibition will run until September 30.

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