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Learn more about Dragon Boat Festival with Guangzhou Library

GZFAO | Updated:2021-06-18

Following the "Make Wishes Come True - Delivering Services to Communities" event on May 20, a special Dragon Boat Festival event hosted by Guangzhou Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation and Guangzhou Library will be launched online at 20:00 this Friday.

If you want to get more out of your Dragon Boat Festival holiday, if you want to learn more stories about traditional culture, if you want to know more about the "Love Your Library" series of activities at Guangzhou Library, you may wish to join us in the live broadcast room.

First Look at the Event

Introduction to the series of wonderful "Love Your Library" activities.

English-Chinese lectures on dragon boat culture will be held online; foreign friends should not miss them.

You can also visit the Cantonese Ancient Village and Dragon Boat Exhibition Hall without leaving home.

There will be interesting stories from on and off the stage in "Tales of Dragon Boats".

Watch a Dragon Boat drama, micro movie edition, in "Tales of Dragon Boats" online.

Time: June 18, 2021 (Friday) 20: 00-21:30

Special guests

Dong Yue

Teacher at Guangdong University of Finance

Vice Dean of the Drama and Movie Committee of the Guangzhou Tianhe Folk Literature and Art Association

Co founder of MEGA Studio

Michelle Luo

Bilingual host of Guangdong Radio and Television

Host of "Michelle Loves Tech"

Deng Yunzhao

Secretary General of Guangzhou Tianhe Folk Literature and Art Association

Producer of "Tales of Dragon Boats" film

Chief Operation Officer of MEGA Studio


Guangzhou Library's Sina Weibo page

Chudian App (Account: GRTRadio)


Scan the QR code below to enter the Guangzhou Library live broadcast room


Launch your Chudian App, search "GRTRadio" to participate

Guided by

Guangzhou Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation

Guangzhou Tianhe District Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Hosted by

Guangzhou Library

Guangzhou Tianhe Folk Literature and Art Association

School of International Programs, Guangdong University of Finance


Co-hosted by

MEGA Studio

Supported by

<That's GBA>

During the event, we will introduce you to the "Love Your Library" program and more services for foreigners in Chinese and English, such as an English guide to Guangzhou Library, an introduction to multi-lingual books, free language trading, and a Cantonese couture event.

The Creative Design Library of Guangzhou library has made a small video about the Dragon Boat Festival! The rice dumplings rubber stamp can be used on festival cards. It's very easy. You can do it at home.

Meanwhile, you are most welcome to come to our Maker Space for free!

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