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Online temple fair marking Lantern Festival set to kick off | Updated:2021-02-25


Scan the code to enter the home page of the official WeChat mini program for the temple fair. [Photo/]

This year's Yuexiu Temple Fair is set to open online on Feb 26, the date of the Lantern Festival, which is a traditional Chinese event marking the last day of the 15-day Spring Festival.

This year's event will be held online and last for seven days. People can attend the event via the official WeChat mini program. With the help of advanced technologies such as 5G and virtual reality, people can enjoy the folk culture exhibitions, experience intangible cultural heritage, play games and do shopping online.

An online and offline interactive game will be available during this year's event. Players can go to over 10 landmarks around the city to solve different riddles at different places. 

The only event to be held offline will be a themed exhibition about the temple fair celebrating the Lantern Festival, which will take place at the cultural center of Yuexiu district, though the number of visitors entering the center will be limited. Those who want to appreciate the exhibition can make reservations ahead. 

The temple fair was first set up in 2011, and has since developed into an influential cultural carnival brand in Guangzhou. It has now held a total of 279 folk culture exhibition activities in 45 areas. 

The number of merchants participating in the event has increased from less than 20 in 2011 to the current figure of 308. The accumulated passenger flow volume over the years has now exceeded 46 million, bringing further development to the local cultural, business and tourism industries. 

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