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New Year message for 2021 from UCLG

GZFAO | Updated:2021-02-24

This year 2020 transformed the way we interact. It has highlighted our shortcomings and changed our systems. Building on the Durban Political Declaration, we worked to synchronize our Network. Throughout the year we responded to the needs of our members through the Live Learning Experiences which fed our UCLG Decalogue.

We developed our Visioning Report building on our aspirations towards 2045. We have adapted to the current world upholding the dreams of our communities. We might not know what is coming, but we know what we need to do. "And the local space is the perfect place to connect the dots."

Municipalism has shown that there is a new way of going about politics that we can ensure the provision of basic public services, and protect those who deliver them. We need to rise up to this historic moment and define, together, the Pact for the Future. We need to deepen the democratic process, take responsibility towards future generations, and leave no one and no place behind.

Solidarity, equality, culture, and accountable institutions are powering the three axes of our Pact: A Pact for People: Defining the world with and by our communities, ensuring access to public services, common goods and a new generation of human rights. A Pact for Planet: Redefining our relationship with nature, raising the ambition of our efforts to contribute to sustainability. A Pact for Government and Democracy: Reinventing local democracy, restoring trust between our communities and their institutions.

We need everyone on board. Let us power global transformation through local action and the transition from an international system to one driven by communities. As we enter 2021, we do so with a message of hope: we will deliver together a Pact for a better future for all. "To our citizens, a world that leaves no person and no territory behind. "With the people, with the governments, with the planet.


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