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Guangzhou company offers free equipment for remeasuring Mt Qomolangma | Updated:2020-05-28


Guangzhou Hi-Target Navigation Tech Co Ltd offers eight sets of its VNet8 product for the surveying team for free. [Photo/]

A Chinese surveying team reached the summit of Mount Qomolangma on May 27 to conduct a series of surveys including remeasuring the height of the world's highest peak.

Guangzhou Hi-Target Navigation Tech Co Ltd, the first listed company of its kind in China for the manufacturing of Beidou satellite high-precision positioning equipment, offered eight sets of its VNet8 product for the team for free.

The VNet8 is used to receive signals from the Beidou satellite system and has been widely applied in areas like autonomous driving, mobile communications, and monitoring.

"The high altitude of Mount Qomolangma means low temperature and low pressure, which will affect the signal," said Tu Tao, the technical engineer from Guangzhou Hi-Target Navigation Tech Co Ltd.

Tu added that the equipment the company provided for the team was equipped with batteries that can cope with temperatures as low as -40 C. Professional external batteries were also available to ensure that the equipment could work for 48 consecutive hours. 


A technical engineer adjusts the equipment before the surveying team heads towards the summit of Mount Qomolangma. [Photo/]

The high-altitude environment would also influence people's ability to respond, therefore the company has offered customized settings for the equipment, enabling it to start automatically copying data as long as the team members press one button and plug in the flash drive.

Technical engineers from the company have been working with the surveying team since April and engineers have even gone to the base camp of Mount Qomolangma to offer technical services.

Guangzhou has gained great momentum in its satellite navigation system industry, with the city being home to nearly 20 percent of the satellite navigation companies in China. 

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