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Guangzhou conference to spotlight environmental protection

( : 2019-07-12

The Guangzhou World Youth Environmental Protection Conference and the fourth UN China Youth Environmental Forum are slated to be held in Guangzhou from July 14 to 17, focusing on sustainable consumption and production. 

Since it was founded in 2016, the conference has adhered to the theme of "youth, responsibility, environmental protection, and the future". Different annual issues selected from pertinent global environmental topics have been released every year of the conference, and the topic for this year is "sustainable consumption and production".

Over the years, the conference has attracted more than 1,000 teenagers from China, the United States, Russia, Britain, Australia, Denmark, Spain, and other countries. The conference is a crucial platform for the world's youths to discuss and exchange ideas on environmental issues, which also strengthens their environmental protection awareness and promotes Chinese environmental protection concepts.

The conference will commence with ice-breaking activities with teenagers displaying various environment-friendly products unique to their countries during the opening ceremony. The participants will go to many historical sites such as Guangzhou's Beijing Road, as well as experience Chinese intangible cultural heritages including paper-cutting and Cantonese embroidery to learn about the relationship between environmental protection and intangible cultural heritages. 

The participants will display their research findings during the conference to call on the public to pay more attention to sustainable consumption and production. 

The United Nations Environment Programme (China) will also invite experts in the field of environmental protection to interact and communicate with participants during the forum.

A teenager shares her views on environmental protection at a previous Guangzhou World Youth Environmental Protection Conference. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

The conference serves as an effective platform for youth from across the world to exchange ideas. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]