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200 dragon boats race on Chebei River in Guangzhou

( : 2019-06-06

Amidst the roaring sound of firecrackers, gongs, and drums, more than 200 dragon boats battled it out in a race on the Chebei River in Tianhe district, Guangzhou on June 5.

The teams come from districts from all across Guangzhou and the race is known as "Chenjing" for teams from outside Chebei village, which literally means "racing at an invitation".


Dragon boat teams compete against each other during a race in Chebei village in Guangzhou on June 5. [Photo/]

Each year on the third day of the fifth lunar month on the traditional Chinese calendar, Chebei village observe its "Zhaojing Day", a day when the village started to invite dragon boat teams from neighboring villages to race in Chebei.

The Chebei River, 45 meters wide with a straight course extending 600 meters, offers an ideal place for hundreds of dragon boat to race.

On the same day, a show under the theme of Chebei's dragon boat race was also staged in the village. The show featured Su Weidang, a descendant of Chebei village who was born in Macao, and depicts the story of how Su was mesmerized by the dragon boat races and folk customs in Chebei village during his trip returning to his ancestral home.


Dragon boat paddlers race amidst the roaring sounds of firecrackers, gongs, and drums. [Photo/]


A show under the theme of Chebei's dragon boat race is staged on June 5. [Photo/]