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Guangzhou and Naha engage in food culture exchanges

( : 2019-05-22

A cruise liner with more than 3,000 foodies and visitors from Guangzhou on board arrived in Naha, Japan on May 21, where they embarked on a gourmet tour, as well as promoted the Guangzhou Asian Cuisine Festival.


Delicious Asian delicacies are served on board the World Dream. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

World Dream, a luxury cruise liner operated by Hong Kong-based Dream Cruises, departed from Guangzhou on May 20 and the special sea voyage has already offered the passengers assorted Asian delicacies such as Cantonese food, as well as Indian and Singaporean cuisines. 

The visitors and foodies from Guangzhou were eager to get off the ship and explore Naha's renowned cuisine. 

Ohgane Renri, an official from Okinawa's tourism department, welcomed his Guangzhou guests at the No 8 passenger liner port of Naha. 

He expressed congratulations to Guangzhou for hosting the Asian Cuisine Festival. 


A chef cooks on board the World Dream vessel. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Okinawa is a popular tourist destination for Chinese tourists. Last year, 870,000 Chinese tourists visited the prefecture. The number of tourists from Guangzhou and Hong Kong by cruises and planes reached 240,000, according to Ohgane.

Okinawa and Guangzhou share some similarities, such as they are both famous for their delicious food. The food culture exchange activity of Guangzhou Asian Cuisine Festival will surely promote the communication in food culture between the two places, Renri said.


World Dream arrives at a passenger liner port in Naha. [Photo/]