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Guangzhou 'family feast' wins praise from guests across the world

( : 2019-05-17

Guangzhou's "family feast" featuring eight dishes of delicious Cantonese cuisine captured the taste buds of guests from all over the world at the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Cuisine Festival on May 16.


Youfenglaiyi, crispy skinned chicken, uses the chicken of Nansha and the sauce is made of mangoes from the Philippines, conveying the profound meaning of mutual understanding between China and the Philippines. [Photo by Li Bo, Shen Hui, Zhang Wei/Guangzhou Daily]

Based on Cantonese cuisine, the dinner dishes integrate a variety of Asian and Western cooking methods to create a unique flavor. Stories and pictures behind these eight dishes were also packed in beautifully decorated gift boxes on the table and available for guests to explore their profound food culture story while eating.


Nanyuexinchuan is a pork dish made with ancient Nanyue cooking techniques. The chef inherits the porridge meat cooking technique that has been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times, selecting fresh ribs and using lychee wood to burn during the barbecue. [Photo by Li Bo, Shen Hui, Zhang Wei/Guangzhou Daily]

Food is a special language that transcends borders and provides the opportunity for visitors to see the life and culture of a city. Guangzhou has a passion for local cuisine and is curious about global cuisine, which allows the Cantonese cuisine to be integrated with East and West techniques, blending the ancient with the modern.


Hunjinpuyu is a dish of roasted beef cubes, which adopts the original cooking method of "stone cooking". The dish uses Australian beef, puts it on the pebbles at a 250 Celsius degrees temperature and turns it back and forth. The original flavor and the essence of Cantonese cuisine are presented by the combination of Chinese and Western elements. [Photo by Li Bo, Shen Hui, Zhang Wei/Guangzhou Daily]