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New cruise to link Guangzhou, Hong Kong

( : 2019-04-19


The new cruise has abundant entertainment facilities to offer passengers leisure and comfort. [Photo by Huang Yating/]

Dream Cruises will open a one-day Guangzhou-Hong Kong cruise route at the end of April, offering a new way of travelling between the two cities besides coach buses, trains, and express boats.

The cruise will depart at 11:00 am every Friday in Guangzhou and every Sunday in Hong Kong and arrive at its destination at 5:30 pm the same day.

With a ticket price of 499 yuan ($74.45), passengers can feel free to enjoy different cuisines and entertainment facilities on the cruise during the six and a half hour long journey.

The new means of transportation combines sightseeing, leisure, and entertainment. It has the highest degree of comfort and suits weekend independent travelers. It will help expand tourism markets in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, as well as promote tours in neighboring regions.

Before June, passengers will be awarded with a 100 Hong Kong dollar cruise consumption voucher and a 300 yuan ticket deduction.


The new cruise will offer direct trips between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. [Photo by Huang Yating/]