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Guangdong Museum showcases ancient Egyptian makeup

( : 2019-03-13

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians began applying makeup, wearing wigs, and rubbing spices, and the Guangdong Museum recently held a special activity offering locals a detailed look at the makeup techniques used by the ancient civilization.

During the activity, a professional dresser explained theories around ancient Egyptian beauty and skincare, and taught the audience how to apply ancient Egyptian makeup.


Visitors apply Egyptian-style makeup at the Guangdong Museum. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Ancient Egyptian culture is very mysterious, making it interesting to experience personally, said a woman surnamed Lin. She said she also participated in an ancient Egypt exhibition of makeup spoons, makeup palettes, and other related items.

Echoes of the Nile: An Exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Civilization was launched on Dec 20, 2018 and exhibited 144 sets of artifacts carefully selected from the Museo Egizio, an archaeological museum in Turin, Italy that specializes in ancient Egypt. The exhibition will run until March 20.


Kids try applying some Egyptian makeup during the activity. [Photo/]