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Guangzhou brings lion dance to India

( : 2019-03-07

At the invitation of the Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai, a group of lion dancers from Guangzhou toured several Indian cities from Feb 28 to March 3, bringing the lion dance to the local people of India.


An audience member interacts with a "lion". [Photo/]

During the three-day trip, the group of dancers performed at the Spring Festival reception held at the Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai, Bollywood (known as the Indian Hollywood), the Mumbai branch of the Bank of China, the Mumbai branch of ICBC, and in Pune,  the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Tang Guocai, Consul General of China in Mumbai, said that cultural exchanges between China and India are on the rise.

The dragon and lion dances are traditional dances popular among Chinese people. Guangzhou's lion dance performances in India served as a showcase for the city's unique culture, Tang said.


A dragon dance performance. [Photo/]


Performers pose for a photo with the audience. [Photo/]