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Guangzhou lounge serves passengers flying from Hong Kong airport

( : 2019-03-04

The Guangzhou East Coach Terminal started to use a lounge to serve those flying from the Hong Kong International Airport on March 1.

The lounge offers one-stop services including ticketing, check-in, baggage check-in, and pick-up. It will greatly reduce waiting times for passengers at the Hong Kong airport after they complete all necessary procedures in Guangzhou.


Flight attendants are ready to serve at the lounge which opens on March 1 to serve passengers flying from the Hong Kong International Airport. [Photo/Nanfang Plus] 

Due to the continuous rise in living standards, strong market demand for foreign trade, and travel, more and more people in Guangzhou and neighboring areas are choosing to fly from the Hong Kong airport to international destinations.

Passengers can take high-speed passenger ships from Lianhuashan Port at 8:20 from the Guangzhou East Coach Terminal and arrive at the Hong Kong International Airport before noon. This is more time-efficient than traveling to the Hong Kong airport via land, as passengers would need to transfer after arriving in Hong Kong.

Lianhuashan Port has served more than 300,000 passengers since July 1, 2015, when it launched its water-air intermodal transportation service from Guangzhou to the Hong Kong International Airport. 

The time schedule for ships bound for Hong Kong: 

08:20 (for flights after 12:00)

12:50(for flights after 16:40)

16:20(for flights after 20:10)