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'Chubby Women' draw attention in Salamanca, Spain | Updated:2019-02-03

Guangzhou artist Xu Hongfei, famous for his "Chubby Women" sculptures, held a special exhibition in Salamanca, Spain on Jan 31.

The sculptures of overweight women, challenging pervasive artistic stereotypes and demonstrating the Chinese people's optimistic attitude towards life, are Xu's best-known works and have won wide acclaim from exhibitions around the world. A total of 14 of Xu's sculptures were put on display at eight outdoor plazas and famous buildings throughout Salamanca. The exhibition is scheduled to run until March 3.


A total of 14 sculptures are distributed throughout eight outdoor plazas and famous buildings in Salamanca. [Photo/]

As part of the 2019 Guangzhou Culture Week, over 200 art enthusiasts, as well as Salamanca Mayor Carlos Garcia Carbayo, attended the show's opening ceremony.


Art enthusiasts from Salamanca pose for a photo with Xu. [Photo/]

During the opening ceremony, Carbayo expressed his hope that the exhibition would help strengthen cooperation between Spain and China in a variety of areas.

Since the 1990s, Xu's sculptures have been shown in Berlin, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Vienna, Singapore and Beijing. This is the first time they have been exhibited in Spain and their 31st exhibition worldwide.


Xu (R) gifts one of his works to Salamanca Mayor Carlos Garcia Carbayo. [Photo/]

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