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Festival promoting Chinese culture commences at Jinan University

( : 2018-10-31

Jinan University in Guangzhou held its 11th Chinese Culture Festival on Oct 28, spreading the essence of traditional Chinese culture through assorted exhibits across over 30 thematic booths.

Lantern shows, stage performances and cultural corridors added special fun to the festival, which was held under the theme of "Admiring Jinan University in Different Eras and Showing Patriotism".


A student shows off his calligraphy techniques during the 11th Chinese Culture Festival at Jinan University. [Photo/] 

According to Rao Min, vice president of the university, the festival is a great platform for students to promote traditional Chinese culture and display the characteristics of Jinan University, which has over 35,000 students. One third of the university's students hail from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas countries.

"The atmosphere of today's event was great. Through the activities, I deepened my understanding of traditional Chinese culture by experiencing ancient poetry and cultural relics," said He Furong, a Jinan University student who participated in the festival.


A student plays erhu, a traditional Chinese stringed musical instrument, at the festival. [Photo/] 

Li Niyuan, a student from Hong Kong, shared a different perspective on the festival. 

"A cup of tea, or a coconut-flavored red bean cake, represents not only local food culture, but also the friendly and enthusiastic way of treating others here. This special hospitality and friendliness are also part of Chinese traditional culture," Li said.


Students dress up in ancient costumes and take to the road to show off traditional Chinese fashion. [Photo/]