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Vintage vehicles from Germany debut at Huacheng Square

( : 2018-10-15

Twenty vintage cars arrived in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on Oct 12 after a 14,000-kilometer voyage across Eurasia that saw them journey through eight countries.

The auto team started the trip from Hamburg, Germany on Aug 19 and made their public debut at one of Guangzhou's iconic buildings in Huacheng Square on Oct 13, attracting numerous car enthusiasts and shutterbugs.


One of the drivers poses with his car at Huacheng Square in Guangzhou on Oct 13. [Photo/]

The event is part of the German Maritime Silk Road Culture Tour, of which Guangzhou is considered a key destination.

According to the organizers, the age of the 20 vintage car drivers ranged from 22 to 84 years old, with an average age of over 60. Yet all the drivers share a common dream - to drive their own car along the Maritime Silk Road. For this trip, they applied for special temporary licenses for their cars in China.

On the afternoon of Oct 13, Guangzhou's Zhengjia Square, another renowned tourism spot, also held a sharing activity where the drivers attended and talked about their experiences during the trip.

After staying in Guangzhou for some time, the team will leave for Germany by plane and their vehicles will be transported back to Germany by sea.

Guangzhou locals pose for a group photo with a vintage German car. [Photo/] 

After travelling a whopping 14,000 kilometers, the vintage cars arrive in Guangzhou on Oct 12. [Photo/]