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Pipa master brings Chinese music to Japan

( : 2018-10-10

Fang Jinlong, China's renowned five-stringed pipa master, gave a special performance of traditional Chinese music in Osaka, Japan on Oct 7, attracting an audience of almost 600 people.

The concert was part of the 2018 Guangzhou Culture Week, an event designed to promote Guangzhou culture globally.  


Fang Jinlong, a five-stringed pipa master, holds a concert in Osaka, Japan on Oct 7. [Photo/]

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Fang's career. Since the 1990s, he has been dedicated to bringing the five-stringed pipa, which was lost during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), back to life based on accounts of the instrument in historical records. Fang is acknowledged as a key expert and advocate of the contemporary five-stringed pipa in China.

During his tour of Japan, Fang invited the Japan Chinese Orchestra to perform with him at his concert. The Japan Chinese Orchestra, composed entirely of Japanese musicians, aims to promote Chinese music internationally through its performances. 


Fang performs on stage. [Photo/]

Classical Chinese songs A Moonlit Night on the Spring River and Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake were among the compositions featured in the performance.

After the show, the pipa master also introduced the contemporary five-stringed pipa that he himself developed based on historical records, as well as the five-stringed pipa displayed at Shosoin Repository in Nara. 

Fang will continue his tour next year and plans to travel to New Zealand, Fiji, the Czech Republic, Hungary and beyond in order to further promote Chinese music.