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Guangzhou airport promoted at Times Square

( : 2018-09-10

The city of Guangzhou displayed a video clip of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on Times Square in New York city on Sept 8 to promote the 24th World Route Development Conference.


Guangzhou promotes its airport at Times Square in New York city. [Photo/]

The World Routes 2018 and the 24th World Route Development Forum will be hosted in the southern Chinese city from Sept 15 to 18. Representatives and officials from airlines, airports, governments and tourism departments will gather in Guangzhou to talk about airlines and air service development opportunities on a global scale.

More than 300 airlines from more than 110 countries and over 700 airport management agencies, 130 government and tourism agencies from 110 countries across the world will gather in Guangzhou and participate in the grand event.

As one of the three major aviation hub airports in China, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has two terminal buildings and three runways. The terminal building area is nearly 1.12 million square meters, which can meet approximately 620, 000 take-offs and landings a year. 


Guangzhou promotes World Routes 2018 at Times Square in New York city. [Photo/]

In 2017, the passenger throughput of the airport exceeded 65 million passengers, ranking 13th in the world. With the opening of more high-quality routes, the airport is expected to achieve an annual passenger throughput of 70 million passengers this year, and comprehensively accelerate its construction of world-class aviation hubs.