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Application process for mainland residence permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents

Updated : 2018-09-06

On Aug 19, the General Office of the State Council issued Measures on the Application and Issuance of Mainland Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents , which came into effect on Sept 1.

Who are eligible to apply?

  • Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents living in the Chinese mainland for more than half a year

  • Those complying with one of the following conditions: legal and stable employment, legal and stable residence, or continuous study

  • Holders of the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, or the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents

What is a mainland residence card useful for?

  • Three rights:

  1. Employment

  2.  Participation in social insurance

  3.  Deposit, withdrawal and use of housing provident funds

  • Six basic public services:

  1. Compulsory education

  2. Basic public employment service

  3. Basic public health services

  4. Public cultural sports services

  5. Legal aid and other legal services

  6. Other basic public services defined by the country and the place of residence

  • Nine conveniences:

  1. Taking domestic flights, trains, etc.

  2. Accommodation

  3. The handling of financial services such as banking, insurance, securities and futures

  4. Shopping with the same treatment as mainland residents; purchasing tickets in parks and other cultural and sports venues; and other cultural, entertainment and travel activities

  5. Applying for motor vehicle registration at the place of residence

  6. Applying for a motor vehicle driver's license at the place of residence

  7. Applying for a vocational qualification examination at the place of residence

  8. Registration of birth services at the place of residence

  9. Other conveniences stipulated by the country and place of residence

How to apply?

  • First-time application:

  1. Fill in the "Mainland Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents Application Form"

  2. Submit an exit-entry documents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents

  3. Submit a certificate of residence, employment and study at the place of residence to the local police station or household registration offices designated by the public security organ of the county-level people's government at the place of residence.

  • Processing time:

The documents will be available within 20 working days from the date of submission.

  •  Replacement

  1. If the residence permit expires or becomes too damaged to be identified, or the place of residence changes, the permit holder may apply for a permit replacement. Those who have lost the residence permit may apply for a new one.  

  2. When applying for a replacement, you should submit your Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents' entry and exit documents for vetting. You should also return the original permit and pay the production cost.

Service locations in Guangzhou:

Yuexiu public security bureau first office

Add: 72 Haizhuzhong Road, Yuexiu district

Tel: 83117017

Yuexiu public security bureau second office

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Liwan district public security bureau comprehensive licensing center, Guangfu road office

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Liwan district public security bureau comprehensive licensing center, Hedong office

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Guangzhou public security bureau Tianhe district branch bureau household registration center

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Baiyun district public security bureau office certificate center, 2nd floor registration center

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Huangpu district Xiangxuesan road office

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Conghua district licensing center

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Guangzhou public security bureau Zengcheng  branch bureau comprehensive licensing center

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