Guangzhou streamlines government review of construction projects

( : 2018-08-15

Guangzhou is carrying out a pilot reform to streamline its authorization and licensing of construction projects. An implementation plan was released on Aug 13, marking the initiation of the reform.

The implementation plan incorporates 33 specific reform measures divided into 10 categories and aims to simplify formalities and improve efficiency.

As stipulated by the plan, reviewing government-funded and non-government-funded construction projects should take no more than 90 and 22 work days, respectively.

A number of procedures will be merged or simplified. The number of major items to be reviewed from project registration to project completion has been reduced from 28 to 15.

On May 18, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice on carrying out pilot reforms on systems for government review of construction projects and listed Guangzhou as one of the 16 pilot cities.