Guangzhou hires 20 Taiwan mediators for Taiwan-related disputes

( : 2018-08-10

Guangzhou is the first city in Guangdong province to have invited Taiwan mediators to settle Taiwan-related civil and commercial disputes. Twenty were invited for this purpose on Aug 7.

With ever closer cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, Taiwan-related civil and commercial disputes are steadily increasing. At the same time, the cases are growing more diversified and complicated. The disputes are also expected to multiply following in-depth implementation of the preferential policies for Taiwan.

As there are differences between Taiwan and Guangzhou's legal systems, Taiwan compatriots have had trouble in understanding the mainland law and often the litigation process is time-consuming and expensive, remarked Lin, presiding judge of the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court.

In contrast to litigation, mediation can capture the real meaning of the parties and is more helpful for solving disputes. And mediators from Taiwan, with a better knowledge of Taiwan and Guangzhou, have an advantage over ordinary mediators in helping parties reconcile their differences.

According to Ye Yaohua, president of the Guangzhou-Taiwan Compatriots Association , the 20 mediators were carefully selected based on their personal experiences and individual characteristics. They have a high educational level and rich social experiences, making them well-fitted for the job.