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Dragon boat rivalry on Pearl River

( : 2018-06-25

A total of 122 dragon boats, with over 4,000 paddlers from home and abroad, joined the 2018 Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament on June 23.

The races were hosted on the Pearl River between the Square of Sun Yat-sen University North Entry and Guangzhou Bridge and featured four events - 600-meter races for standard dragon boats and 22-seaters as well as special races for colorful dragon boats and the beautifully decorated cruise dragon craft.


Over 4,000 paddlers from China, Canada, the US, and the UK join in the event. [Photo/VCG]


A beautifully decorated cruise dragon boat [Photo/]


A beautifully decorated cruise dragon boat [Photo/]


Dragon boats compete at the event. [Photo/]


Dragon boats on the Pearl River. [Photo/]