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Cultural house opens to promote Cantonese Opera

( : 2017-12-01

A special Cantonese Opera-themed cultural house in Guangzhou opened to the public on Nov 26, offering opera lovers a place to be immersed in the art form and admire related antiques.

Located in Guangdong Cantonese Opera House, the non-profit cultural house will open to the public every Saturday afternoon and will make use of multimedia technology to spread basic knowledge and history of Cantonese Opera.


Students from Guangzhou Wuyi Primary School enjoy Cantonese Opera on Nov 26 at the special cultural house at Guangdong Cantonese Opera House. [Photo/]

The cultural house can host a total of 100 visitors at a time. Its main parts include a stage for performances, a make-up room and an exhibition area where important documents and historic antiques such as the letter of appointment of the first director of Guangdong Cantonese Opera House are on display.

Students and teachers from Guangzhou Wuyi Primary School in Tianhe district were among the first group of visitors to the house on Nov 26. The students were treated to a range of classic Cantonese Operas including the classic Drunken Concubine.

The activity enabled the students to learn about Cantonese Opera while enjoying great performances, which will surely help to promote the inheritance of Cantonese Opera culture, according to Chen Hailiang, deputy headmaster of Guangzhou Wuyi Primary School. 

Zeng Xiaomin, vice director of Guangdong Cantonese Opera House said they will work hard to make the cultural house a base to promote Cantonese Opera going into campuses and enable more people to learn about the glamor of this special traditional Chinese opera by hosting a variety of activities.


Primary school students and their teacher dress in costumes and pose for a photo at the special cultural house on Nov 26. [Photo/]