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Guangzhou Fashion Week opens at Canton Tower

( : 2017-11-09

Guangzhou's stunning Canton Tower was host to the equally stunning opening of the Guangzhou Fashion Week on Nov 8.

The opening ceremony featured pieces by Maggie Norris and Glenroy March, famous designers from New York Fashion Week, as well as works created by famous Chinese designer Qi Gang.


A model dons a dress design at Guangzhou Fashion Week. [Photo/]

From Nov 8 to 14, a range of activities including global fashion roundtable meetings, original fashion work exhibition and match-making activities will be held at Canton Tower and Haixinsha Island, the two main venues for Guangzhou Fashion Week.

A tent pavilion covering 3,600 square meters has been erected on Haixinsha Island where intelligent home furnishings, concept cars, drones and other advanced technological innovations and concepts of lifestyle are on display.  

Early in July, Guangzhou Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week signed a cooperation agreement to expand projects in the Chinese fashion market. As a result, renowned fashion designers and experts from across the world will gather in Guangzhou for fashion-themed summits and talks on the latest industry trends.


A model struts along the catwalk to show a yellow dress at Guangzhou Fashion Week. [Photo/]

According to Chen Jie, director of Guangzhou municipal commission of commerce, the event will integrate Guangzhou's fashion industry and related industries, accelerate the construction of a whole industrial chain integrating design, production, operations, marketing and sales. Chen expressed his hope that fashion could become a new growth pole for Guangzhou's service industry.


Guangzhou Design Night & Guangzhou Fashion Week get underway on Nov 8 at Guangzhou's iconic Canton Tower. [Photo/]