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National treasures displayed at Guangzhou Museum of Art

( : 2017-09-29

An exhibition featuring 70 works of art including more than 50 national first class and second class art works got underway in Guangzhou Museum of Art on Sept 26.

The exhibition consists of two parts – art works from different dynasties and art works created by Lingnan artists. The former showcases works by artists from Song Dynasty (960-1279) to Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) while the latter centers on the works of Lingnan painters including Liang Yuanzhu, a famous painter in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and modern painters Gao Jianfu, Gao Qifeng and Chen Shuren.


A total of 70 pieces of art including over 50 national first and second class works of art are displayed at an exhibition held in Guangzhou Museum of Art. [Photo/] 

The exhibition will be divided into two phases with the first phase lasting from Sept 26 to Nov 26 and the second phase from Dec 1 to Jan 7 next year.

Ink Bamboo, created by Wen Tong in the Song Dynasty, will be on display in the second phase of the exhibition. The work is the most precious collection at the Guangzhou Museum of Art and it has been seven years since the piece was last displayed for the public.

Other highlights of the exhibition include a work by Wen Zhengming in the Ming Dynasty which is based on The Story of Old Tippler's Pavilion by literary giant Ouyang Xiu of the Song Dynasty and a painting by modern painter Wu Changshuo which depicts pine trees and peonies with figurative meanings of longevity and wealth.  


A visitor admires the works on display at Guangzhou Museum of Art. [Photo/]


Ink Bamboo by Wen Tong, a famous painter in the Song Dynasty, will be on show from Dec 1 to Jan 7 next year at Guangzhou Museum of Art. [Photo/]