Migrants with enough points can apply for resident permits

( : 2017-09-28

Guangzhou is about to release 6,000 permanent residential permits based on a points system for this year and applicants can submit their applications from Oct 10 to Nov 8.

Thirty-seven desks will be set up in public places near to where migrant workers live and government affairs service centers to accept application materials.

To be in line with the policy of "online government affairs service", different government departments will share information via the internet, which means the applicants do not need to submit their paper certificates of real estate, employment, social security payment and personal income tax payment. The related information can be submitted online for review by the authorities. In this way, it will save the cost and time of the applicants. 

A highlight of this year's application work is that as long as the applicants leave their phone number on the online application system, they will be get messaged telling them the result of the online preliminary review and the final application result.

According to related regulations, applicants this year are not required to comply with the family planning policy as before. The basic application requirements for the applicants include: first, must be under the age of 45; second, have legal and stable residence in Guangzhou; third, hold valid Residence Permit of Guangdong Province; fourth, hold a stable job or start up a business in Guangzhou, having paid social insurance for no less than four years; fifth, no criminal record.

Based on the points system, the applicants need to accumulate 60 points in terms of seven indicators including education background, technical capacity, tax payment, innovation and entrepreneurship, and living and work areas.   

The detailed arrangement for the application of permanent residential permits based on the points system includes the following steps: first, from Oct 10 to Nov 8, the applicants are able to fill in related information through the "online application system of Guangzhou points system residential permit" and submit paper materials at acceptance windows; second, in late November, the district-level authorities in charge of migrants will conduct a preliminary reviews on the information and materials; third, in December, the Bureau of Migrant Service of Guangzhou Municipality will arrange related departments to give a final review on the applications; fourth, in late December, the authority will release application results to the applicants and make it public for five days. If there is no objection to the result, residential permits will be issued to the applicants.

Please notice that no fees will be charged during the application process as the points system for residential permits is a people-benefit project initiated by Guangzhou government.