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SCUT team claims RoboMaster 2017 victory

( : 2017-08-10

A team from South China University of Technology (SCUT) was crowned champion at RoboMaster 2017, a world leading robotics competition, on Aug 6.

The contest pits robots, designed by student teams, against one another in a controlled environment, where they battle it out to see which robot is superior.

More than 7,000 young engineers from over 200 schools from across the world signed up for the competition with 32 teams making it through to the national round. After fierce competition, South China Tiger, a team from SCUT and Smartrobot, from Shandong University of Science and Technology, entered the finals.


Students from Shandong University of Science and Technology talk tactics at the competition. [Photo/]

It is the third time that South China Tiger has participated in the competition, and for the freshmen and sophomores from Guangzhou-based SCUT, it was an exceptional honor to be crowned champion.
"What makes us prouder and happier is that our techniques were recognized by our rivals at the competition," said one member from South China Tiger.

RoboMaster 2017 is hosted by the Central Committee of Communist Youth League, All China Students' Federation and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, and sponsored by Dajiang Innovation Technology Co (DJI).

The ring where the "robo-wars" took place contained artificial rivers, bridges, wasteland and tunnels, with each team able to deploy up to eight robots for seven-minute rounds.

Highlights of the event included a robot carnival allowing the audience to control some robots and compete against each other. There were also drone-based video games and showing of the popular animated series RoboMasters.

"The event is aimed at providing a platform for young engineers to show themselves, discover their talents, enable them to give full expression to their potentials and encourage them to dedicate themselves towards the robot industry," said Gao Jianrong, organizer of RoboMaster 2017. 


Robots made by the SCUT team compete against others made by Shandong University of Science and Technology at the RoboMaster 2017 finals on Aug 6. [Photo/]


South China Tiger, from SCUT, the winners of the competition, celebrate at RoboMaster 2017 on Aug 6. [Photo/]