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Tram library launched to boost Guangzhou reading

( : 2017-04-26

A moving library tram aimed at promoting reading to Guangzhou residents set off from the city's Haizhu district on April 25.

The tram is themed as a relaxed family reading space and will travel around the city for three months making over 20 round trips daily, according to Yang Sui, branding Director of Guangzhou Trolleybus Company.


Specially designed trolleys hoping to boost reading appreciation are launched on April 25 and will run for three months in Haizhu district, Guangzhou. [Photo/Xinhua]

The creative initiative to promote reading has been launched to coincide with World Reading Day, which fell on April 23 and it is hoped the unique library will prove popular with both local residents and visitors.

The special tram consists of four specially-designed carriages with each centered on a different theme; dad's study, mom's study, kid's study, and nature's study.


This young girl enjoys reading a book with her mother on the "My Family's Study" themed carriage, in Guangzhou's Haizhu district. [Photo/Xinhua]

During the course of the 7.7-kilometer journey passengers can scan QR codes posted on each carriage and receive select books provided by Haizhu Public Library and several local bookstores.  

In conjunction with the program, the organizer, Haizhu district publicity department, also launched a series of activities and reading performances to foster a general appreciation for reading.

The scheme is part of a wider program known as the "Happiness•Family" project. Phase one of this program involved helping 10 local families in need of a study space receive access to desks, lamps, and bookcases. The second phase of the project plans to benefit 100 families, including children with physical disabilities.


Passengers can scan the QR code posted in each carriage to get the selected book. [Photo/]